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YES Energy’s Terms of Use (this document) outlines the functions of the YES Energy website, which has been developed to provide information about the company and its products to its customers, shareholders and other stakeholders.

YES Energy does not warrant the information is true and correct, complete or adequate at the time of reading this document. YES Energy does not guarantee the information provided in this website will be of a useful nature, and strongly advises its customers to seek independent legal advice prior to making any investment decisions.

The information provided in this document should be considered in a general nature, as changes to products and company information after the date of publication may affect the accuracy of the information herein. YES Energy may at any time alter these terms of use without notification by publishing a revised terms of use on this website.

Where applicable, YES Energy owns the copyright to the content displayed on this website. Where YES Energy does not own the copyright, appropriate usage licenses have been obtained. Intellectual property rights are reserved. YES Energy does not certify that the content on this website does not violate any third party’s intellectual property rights. Any links provided on this website to external websites does not infer any commercial relationship with those websites, nor that the information provided within those websites is accurate, useful, controlled or endorsed by YES Energy.

The information on this website is available for you to download for your personal records and to provide information to others in regard to YES Energy’s products or company information. Prior to any commercial use, reproduction, alteration, modifications or dissemination of the provided information in this website, express permission must be obtained by YES Energy.

The use of the YES Energy logo or any other trademarks from this website is forbidden without prior consent from YES Energy.

YES Energy accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage whether direct, indirect or subsequently arising from accessing or using this website (including the misuse of information provided on this website) to the maximum extent permitted by law.

Where mentioned throughout this website, including in information downloaded from this website and within this document, YES Energy refers to Y.E.S. Energy (SA) Pty Ltd (ABN: 22 627 706 594).


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