Sourced from
South Australian
renewable resources.

We make our own energy.

YES Energy are part of the YES Group of business, one of South Australia's fastest growing renewable energy developers. When you become a customer of YES Energy, you can be confident you are sourcing your energy locally, making YES Energy your number one option for a clean energy future.

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No Lock-In Contracts

At YES Energy, we believe you should be free to make your own decisions about how you source and use your energy. As such, we don't lock our customers in to long term agreements or contracts.

100% Renewable Energy

We care about the environment - and the planet - as much as you do. At YES Energy, we source energy from our growing fleet of renewable generating assets, meaning the energy you're using is 100% green.

A Local Team

Our skilled team is based in the Riverland, South Australia. We're passionate about creating local employment opportunities for our community while continuing to develop new employment frameworks within our organisation.

Related Projects

Starting as a residential solar installer in 2008, the YES Group of businesses has now expanded to offer a full turn-key solution for the Australian energy market. From large-scale renewable energy asset development and construction, through to the development of the Redmud Green Energy project - a distributed network of large-scale generating solar plants throughout South Australia and Victoria. With the generation backing of Yates Electrical Services' fleet of renewable energy developments, yesenergy is your number 1 choice for locally sourced renewable energy.